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A story born in the midst of the Argentine crisis of 2001, when many scientists decided to leave the country, 23 agricultural producers decided to make history.

This is how Bioceres started, an Argentine group of companies that combine agriculture with science.

This group focuses on achieving sustainable agriculture that preserves the environment and human health through comprehensive biotechnological solutions.

So I can now tell you what we did for them.

We begun by designing a social media strategy developing both static and animated assets, within a creative content master plan.


As our social media work progressed, 2 new companies were created within Bioceres, SF500, an investment fund with a scientific and technological focus, for which we designed their brand identity, positioning and website...

Logo SF500-04.png

... and Theo Fund, an international fund that invests in life science early stage startups. For which we developed their brand identity.

Fondos Theo - A1.png

But our stellar project was in 2021, when we produced a documentary series for  Bioceres 20th anniversary. A series consisting of 6 episodes, trailers and teasers that tells the astonishing story of this company, the origin, challenges and triumphs.

We worked on every aspect of this production, from scripting, producing, editing, conducting face-to-face and virtual interviews, motion graphics, post production and digital distribution.

Check out Episode 1 👇👇

El evento por los 20 años de Bioceres tuvo su lugar en Rosario el día 16 de Diciembre del 2021 en el cual se lanzó el Episodio 1 de la serie documental y para el cual creamos una serie de contenidos para completar la experiencia audiovisual del evento.

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