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An anti-stress supplement designed and created by 3 former Bayer executives.

When your computer starts running slow and nothing

seems to respond to what you do, it's like it is stressed, so what do you do? You R3SET.

The same happens with your body, you have anxiety, you get tired,

you do not sleep well and with this beautiful capsule your body finds

the perfect balance.
With R3SET your system really goes back to zero.

Just listen to the melody when I swallow the capsule (click below).

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Now I can tell you that for this delicious brand, we have thought and executed countless ideas.

We designed the packaging.


We created a video banners campaign for the US market.

We designed their website where you can subscribe to their product.

We created email strategies to educate and help

people better manage stress.


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We have designed a Stress Management Journal , to guide

and encourage people to write about things

that stress them out and seek a positive approach to those challenges.


R3set Journal MockUp2.jpg

and something that was the icing on the cake... Paris Hilton is the image of the brand and we came up with numerous ideas for her social media channels.


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